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Brain Injury and Stroke Vocational Services

Vocational rehabilitation helps people recovering from brain injury re-enter the workforce.Vocational Rehabilitation

If your goal is to return to work, Nexday will tailor vocational rehabilitation services to your abilities and goals. Services can include:

  • Vocational evaluation and counseling
  • Community-based assessment
  • Work-readiness training and preparation
  • Employer access and interaction for return-to-work strategy
  • Benefits counseling and analysis

Brain Injury and Stroke Recovery: Vocational Strategies

Many people who are recovering from brain injury, stroke, or other neurological impairments are eager to return to the workforce. The Vocational Rehabilitation team works closely with your treatment team to connect therapies, cognitive retraining, and community integration with work-related concepts, needs and activities.

Our staff members are trained in the functional aspects of assessment and evaluation, and are very knowledgeable about common impairments after brain injury and their impact on vocational performance. Activities are designed to provide insight and increase self-awareness, identify interests and explore practical career options and goals.

MCFI also works with employers to assist with reasonable accommodations, develop compensatory strategies and provide supports for people returning to the workplace after brain injury or stroke.

We work closely with families and referral sources on exploring funding options for services. We can help you understand benefits and can create a customized program for you that allows for a shift from benefits to self-sufficiency.

MCFI has more than 75 years of experience in helping people who have barriers to work prepare for, enter and succeed in the workforce.

Contact us

For more information about NEXDAY, please call (414) 431.5409.The center is located at the newly renovated MCFI Nexday Campus, 3333 South Howell Avenue, Bay View, WI 53207 (Get Map) on Milwaukee's South Side. The building, designed especially for people recovering from brain injury and stroke, is entirely accessible to individuals who use wheelchairs and assistive devices.


Your donation can help people recovering from brain injury or stroke gain the confidence and skills necessary to return to work. Donate securely online.

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