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Kho Thi Dance Company performs at an MCFI Diversity event.A COMMITMENT TO DIVERSITY

MCFI's Diversity Team is working to provide opportunities in the workplace and in the community, because we believe diversity enriches all of us.

MCFI values diversity

MCFI values employees and clients with diverse cultures, abilities and backgrounds. Our commitment to diversity and inclusion makes us an organization where everyone has the opportunity to work to reach their full potential. Diversity results in fresh thinking, ideas that reflect a wealth of experiences and the knowledge necessary to serve our clients and their families. To learn more about MCFI Diversity, click on the links below or call Al Hill, Director of Diversity, at (414) 937-2156, or send us an email.

Our Diversity Team

The purpose of the Diversity Team is to support the agency's diversity initiative and to assist the Director of Diversity in developing and achieving organizational diversity goals.

The MCFI Diversity Team includes employees from throughout the agency and its affiliates. The team supports the MCFI diversity initiative and assists the Director of Diversity in achieving the organization's diversity goals in the workplace, the marketplace and the community. Each year, the MCFI Diversity Team produces a number of themed events designed to help employees learn about specific issues related to diversity. The team is also responsible for organizing and producing the agency's annual Diversity Appreciation Week.






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