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Forward Academy participant becomes 'natural leader'

Noah Butler arrived at MCFI’s Forward Academy in July 2016. When he did, a mix of a cognitive disability and fear of talking to strangers made it difficult for him to meet or interact with others.

Today, he is described as a “right-hand man” and “a team player.”

Since August 2020, Noah has worked at Grebe’s Bakery on Milwaukee’s southwest side. To get there, he participated in Forward Academy where he learned many skills to help make it easier for him to approach people and provide them with necessary customer service.

In the program, Noah participated in several exercises at Forward Academy that worked on his confidence. That was followed by several volunteer opportunities, including at the Milwaukee Rescue Mission.

By then it was much easier to say, “How can I help you?”

His job coach at Grebe’s describes him as a “natural leader” who has taken on a “leadership role.”

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The Milwaukee Center for Independence opened its doors in 1938, helping WWII immigrants find jobs — and refuge. Today, our impact is just as compelling. We help people in need, from newborns to the elderly, gain greater independence.

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