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Community Living


MCFI offers parenting classes to strengthen familiesCOMMUNITY LIVING

From parenting classes to daily living skills training, MCFI's Community Living programs offer adults with and without disabilities the opportunity for greater independence.

Community Living

Some people have difficulty living on their own because they never learned essential skills, such as how to budget money or plan and prepare healthy meals. Some parents, too, never learned about child development or how to set rules and expectations for their children to follow.

Our program was developed to serve people who, with support and training, can learn to access resources in the neighborhood of their choice and live the lives that they choose.

 For more information, contact Geoff Dimin, Community Living Supervisor, at (414) 937-2069 or send us an email.

Daily living skills training

MCFI's experienced staff members work with individuals who are living with disabilities to assist them to reach their highest levels of independence. Some people could live independently in the community if they learned how to access services, such as public transportation, or manage and maintain their health. Perhaps they have trouble managing their finances, or the upkeep of their home. Our person-centered approach helps clients develop abilities in:

  • Housekeeping and home maintenance skills

  • Housing

  • Food management

  • Mobility and community transportation skills

  • Health maintenance and personal care

  • Intrapersonal and relationship skills

  • Safety practice

  • Using community resources and services

  • Recreational and leisure abilities

  • Communication skills

  • Budgeting

  • Time management

  • Citizenship

 For more information, contact Geoff Dimin, Community Living Supervisor, at (414) 937-2069 or send us an email.

Daily living skills maintenance

Some people already know how to make doctors' appointments or create a budget, but need help staying on track. We do that. We'll have an in-depth discussion of current and future family needs.

Advocacy assistance

Standing up for yourself is hard if you've never learned how to do it effectively. We offer assertiveness training so our clients can be strong advocates for themselves and their families.

Case management

We provide ongoing evaluation, planning and coordination of services to make sure clients remain on their path to independence.

Special options for parents

We coach parents to develop the skills needed to best care for themselves and their children. Parents learn about developmental milestones and appropriate discipline. They learn how to create - and maintain - strong family ties.

Many parents we serve have children with special needs. We show them how to work with their child and follow through with medical appointments and Individual Education Plans.

Parenting classes

Community Living Parenting Classes are designed for parents of all need levels who want to learn more about being an effective parent, running a household and making the most of the resources available to them. Parents may enroll in any or all of the four modules offered in the program:

  • Module 1: Focusing on You
  • Module 2: Growth and Development of Children
  • Module 3: Empathizing and Understanding
  • Module 4: Routines and Goal-setting

 Each section is designed to strengthen parenting skills with specific outcomes in mind.

MCFI Community Living staff

After an assessment and an individualized service plan is developed, our staff works with clients to help them reach their goals, attending appointments and meetings outside the home when needed.

Service plan

Our person-centered approach means the client is involved in developing a service plan, ensuring that it focuses on the goals the client wants to achieve and the life they choose to make.

Self-directed supports/support brokers

Get help finding the services and support you need, when and how you want those services, in order to have real choice and direct your own life. 

Nurturing Parent program

The nationally accredited Nurturing Parent program is designed to teach and enhance nurturing skills. Aimed at preventing child abuse and neglect, the MCFI Community Living Nurturing Parent program has become a "go-to" resource for Bureau of Milwaukee Child Welfare case managers. The service is provided in either a group or one-on-one setting, depending on the needs of participants, and includes the following lessons:

  • Philosophy and practices of nurturing parenting
  • Ages and stages of growth for infants and toddlers
  • Ways to enhance positive brain development in children and teens
  • Communicating with respect
  • Building self-worth in children
  • Understanding feelings
  • Understanding and developing family morals, values and rules
  • Praising children and their behavior
  • Alternatives to spanking
  • Learning positive ways to deal with stress and anger

MCFI Main Campus, 2020 West Wells Street, Milwaukee, WI 53233.

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For more information on MCFI Community Living services, call Geoff Dimin at (414) 937-2069 or send us an email.


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