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Employee Resource Groups

Employee Resource Groups

Employee Resource Groups offer employees with similar interests the opportunity to network, share ideas and make recommendations aimed at embracing diverse communities. The groups offer staff members the opportunity to grow, both personally and professionally.

Our employee resource groups are sponsored and guided by the office  of the Senior Director of Diversity and Cultural Competence to link employee group members with our business strategies to help sustain organizational success and delivery of superior client service.

PACT (Parents and Caregivers Together), for example, was organized to promote a healthy balance between work-life and home-life for all employees. The group identifies and addresses issues related to the responsibilities of being a parent or caregiver, and serves as the "voice" of working parents and caregivers to agency management.

NAC (Network of African American Colleauges, pictured at right) was organized to enhance the workplace culture for African American employees by fostering professional relationships, having their voice heard and celebrating accomplishments.

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