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Inspire L.I.F.E. Expressive Arts Therapies



Expressive arts therapies at MCFI use the power of music and art to help children and adults find new ways to communicate, develop social skills, and, in some instances, make physical and emotional connections that result in dramatic improvements in quality of life.


Music and Art Therapy - Our Approach

MCFI music and art therapy sessions are facilitated by award-winning, nationally recognized music therapists and board-certified art therapists. Art and music are the media that transfer all of our philosophies, techniques and approaches into a human connection with clients. Expressive arts therapies allow clients to speak when there is no voice, move when the body won't, and participate as a connected people when there was no way before. Art and music take many forms, styles and levels of complexity, allowing for any person to be fully valued at any abilitiy level.


The arts can help people with physical, developmental and mental health challenges improve functional abilities. MCFI Inspire L.I.F.E. Therapies provides many ways to include music and art therapies in rehabilitative treatment plans.

MCFI Music Therapy and Art sessions are based on the latest neurological research. Services are available at MCFI and at community locations. For more information, contact Nancy Pickett, Senior Director of LIFE Services, at 414-937-2098.

Habilitation and Developmental Groups

Habilitation and Developmental groups are focused on improving:

  • Communication abilitiesArtwork by an MCFI client
  • Socialization
  • Motor skills
  • Sensory integration
Performance Groups

MCFI clients have the option of performing with the:

  • Voices of Independence Choir
  • Percussion groups
Art therapy is aimed at improving motor and cognitive abilities.Open Art Studio

Individuals with and without disabilities are invited to explore the arts during open art and music studios, featuring:

  • Self-directed personal development
  • Communication through the visual arts
Individual or Small Group Work
  • Work on specific cognitive abilities, communication skills, motor skills or behavioral issues
  • Opportunities to learn to develop vocal techniques or learn to play a musical instrument
  • Assessment and treatment planning through art and music for individual goals

MCFI Inspire L.I.F.E. Therapies are provided by a team of licensed music and art therapists. Their services may be authorized and funded by a variety of sources, including private insurance, Family Care, IRIS, the Bureau of Milwaukee Child Welfare and more. Contact us for additional information on payment options.


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