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Message from the Diversity Director

A Message from the MCFI Director of Diversity

At MCFI, we believe in the ideals of diversity. Our workplace emphasizes inclusion, so that everyone feels valued and their talents are recognized - and the lives of our employees, and our clients, are enriched.Alvin Hill Jr.

The purpose of MCFI's diversity initiative is to:

  • Express our commitment to understanding what diversity is and its impact in the workplace and the communities we serve
  • Increase our appreciation for the richness brought by different skills, abilities, attitudes, perspectives and approaches
  • Promote understanding and cooperation between people of diverse backgrounds and abilities
  • Create communication tools that promote knowledge and understanding of diversity
  • Be innovative and creative in managing diversity at MCFI
  • Collaborate with community agencies and businesses in understanding and promoting diversity

MCFI clients and employees represent a spectrum of cultures, ethnicities, races, nationalities, ages, religions, disabilities, sexual orientation, education, gender, experiences, opinions and beliefs. Our commitment to diversity encourages us to think more creatively. Whether we are designing new ways to meet the needs of a growing population of people with special needs, or focusing on issues unique to just one family, we look at the options from many perspectives. So, at MCFI, diversity is not just a moral obligation, it is a business imperative.

Our goal is to be the premier nonprofit organization in diversity and inclusion, acting on our beliefs in all facets of our agency's operations. All of us at MCFI share responsibility for achieving this important objective.

We invite you to join us in our mission to assist children, adults and families with special needs to reach their highest levels of independence - and to celebrate diversity in a community of caring professionals, where individual differences are recognized, respected and honored.

Alvin Hill Jr., Senior Director of Diversity and Cultural Competence



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