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Milwaukee Center for Independence: Assisting individuals with special needs

Clinical Therapies: Physical, Occupational and Speech


Therapies:  Physical, Occupational, and Speech/Language

MCFI offers physicalMCFI Therapies help people function at their highest possible levels., occupational and speech therapies for children, adults and older adults as part of a comprehensive treatment plan. MCFI is a recognized leader in assisting people with physical and developmental disabilities, traumatic brain injury and chronic medical conditions to reach their highest levels of independence.

Our focus:
We apply best practice to ensure the best possible outcomes for clients to reach highest level of independence. 

Our services:

MCFI’s experienced team of licensed therapists work with people who have

  • Physical disabilities
  • Developmental disabilities
  • Neurological conditions such as traumatic brain injury or stroke 
  • Orthopedic conditions such as joint pain, sprains and post surgery

Our specialities:

  • Aquatic therapy; we have a salt-water therapy pool

  • Sensory integration therapy

  • Augmentative communication
  • Pediatric clients with trach, vent, feeding issues
  • PT, OT, SLP are Certified Brain Injury Specialists

We address:

  • Motor skills, balance and fall prevention
  • Cognition
  • Communication
  • Feeding/swallowing
  • Daily living skills training
  • Pain management
  • Injuries from work, accidents, falls, etc
  • Custom splinting
  • Worker’s compensation and work injuries

Our impact:

Watch one of our therapists at work in this CBS 58 Sunday Morning spotlight!

Domani Scott didn’t have an easy start to Llife. Diagnosed with cancer when he was just 1, he’s had a bone marrow transplant and more than his share of hospital stays.

He had been typically developing until then, but when he came to MCFI two years later, his language skills were delayed, his speech muscles were weak,     
and one side of his body had partial paralysis.

Domani also had lost the ability to eat and needed a Naso-gastric tube – a tube.inserted through the nostril that extends to the stomach for feeding.

But Domani’s life would soon begin to improve. Staff immediately began physical therapy to strengthen his leg and trunk muscles, and occupational therapists taught him how to use his weakened hands and arms.

Fast forward to today. Domani, now 5, walks independently and speaks in sentences. He enjoys eating small amounts of food with his friends at MCFI’s School for Early Development & Achievement, where he fully participates.


Contact information:

Therapy Agency hours are Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. 

Phone: 414-290-0026

Fax: 414-755-1801

Main campus: 2020 W. Wells St, Milwaukee

Bayview campus: 3333 S. Howell Ave, Milwaukee



MCFI Pediatric Skilled Nursing is
Accredited by the Joint Commission. MCFI core programs are accredited by CARF


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