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MCFI's Whole Health Clinical Group, a 2017 Salute Winner, provides recovery-oriented services and advocacy for more than 800 people living with mental illness in Southeastern Wisconsin.

NEW LOCATION: We moved from South 70th Street to 932 S. 60th St., West Allis.

Whole Health Clinical Group provides recovery-oriented mental health services.

Recovery-focused mental health services

Whole Health Clinical Group is the largest provider of mental health services in Southeastern Wisconsin, located at 932 S. 60th St., West Allis, WI 53214. We serve more than 800 consumers and their families in Milwaukee, Waukesha and Washington counties. For information on specific programming, please click on the links below.



Our mission is to promote mental health recovery and independence by providing integrated medical, psychiatric and social services to address the needs of the whole person.

The TLS Crisis Resource Center North opened in 2014.

Crisis Resource Centers

Crisis Resource Centers are a community-based alternative to emergency-room treatment for people experiencing a mental health crisis.

Services provided by an interdisciplinary team..

Assertive Community Treatment

Aimed at recovery, Assertive Community Treatment provides interdisciplinary treatment for people with behavioral health issues.

Case Management helps individuals with mental illness live successfully in the community.

Case Management

Whole Health Clinical Group Case Management is client-centered and focused on recovery.

Professional psychiatric services for people living with mental illness.

Outpatient Psychiatric Clinic

The Outpatient Psychiatric Clinic provides professional, recovery-focused services to help people living with mental illness manage symptoms and live successfully in the community.

People who are hearing impaired or deaf receive specialized services at Whole Health Clinical Group.

Deaf and Hard of Hearing Program

Whole Health Clinical Group provides specialized mental health services for people who are deaf and hearing impaired.

TLS Community Pharmacy helps you manage your medications.

Whole Health Pharmacy

Whole Health Pharmacy can help you manage medication needs.

Learn something new, make a friend, and join us as we explore the community!

Community Learning Center

Learn something new, explore your creativity and make new friends at the Community Learning Center.

People who are hard of hearing or deaf receive specialized services at TLS.

Winged Victory Benefits Advocacy

Winged Victory helps Milwaukee County behavioral health clients apply for benefits to assist them in recovery.

Affordable housing is a key component of recovery.

Residential Services and Supportive Housing Solutions

Safe, affordable housing is a critical component of recovery from mental illness.

MCFI Pediatric Skilled Nursing is
Accredited by the Joint Commission. MCFI core programs are accredited by CARF


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