CFI committed to diversity, inclusion

By Teri Zywicki

We are saddened and angered by the escalating discrimination and violence against Asian Americans/Pacific Islanders and grieve for all the victims of the most recent shootings that occurred in Atlanta.

Together, we stand against all forms of violence, hatred, racism, and injustice. As an agency, we will continue to focus on advancing social and racial justice by advocating for more inclusive and equitable communities. We believe that our values of Understanding PEOPLE, LEADING Success, and Working TOGETHER go beyond our business practices and are paramount to a just society.

CFI has a time-honored commitment to diversity and inclusion. We are committed to continue our efforts to learn and lead, and to listen and support each other to improve our cultural understanding. We encourage you to take care of yourself and to lend support to your colleagues and peers. Please do not hesitate to reach out to your leadership team too.

We look forward to fostering change and being part of solutions toward building more healthy and hopeful communities of the future.

Teri Zywicki is theĀ CEO and President of Centers for Independence