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many paths, one goal...

Each of the children, adults and older adults served by MCFI has their own path to independence. The agency has a long tradition of leading the way in developing life-changing programs and services for people with special needs.

MCFI provides life-changing services for children, adults and older adults.

Howard L. Garber, Ph.D., is president of MCFIWelcome to the Milwaukee Center for Independence!

MCFI focuses all its efforts on assisting individuals and families with special needs and barriers to success to reach their highest levels of independence. We have developed increasingly better ways to help clients break through apparent limits to their abilities and achieve their potential.

MCFI now reaches thousands of families each year with effective early intervention, education, therapies, employment services, long-term care, financial services and behavioral health programs, providing pathways to dignity and self-sufficiency. Our programs have been used as a model by service providers across the country because they have demonstrated measurable progress for our clients.

As the population of people with disabilities and special needs continues to grow, our community faces significant social and economic challenges. We work in close collaboration with academic institutions and health care providers to research more effective methods of treatment, develop new technologies to analyze results and, ultimately, to reduce the long-term costs of care.

This "can-do" attitude was recently recognized by CARF, the national accrediting body for rehabilitation agencies. In its report, CARF said MCFI provides services "in a culture of innovation with an enthusiasm unmatched in the industry."

Innovation, enthusiasm and far-reaching vision have never been more important to our clients, their families, and our community. We know that when people with special needs receive the proper treatment, encouragement and support, they realize their abilities, and that's when lives change.

Howard L. Garber, Ph.D.


MCFI Pediatric Skilled Nursing is
Accredited by the Joint Commission. MCFI core programs are accredited by CARF


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